Hakuba Airgun Battles

So   your   body   weary   after   being   countless   days   on   the   slopes   and   you’re   not   up   to   it   today.   Why   not get   some   mates   together   and   live   the   video   game   thing   for   real   using   full   scale   air   machine   guns (illegal   in   Australia!).   Experience   the   intoxicating   rush   of   live   combat   with   the   only   consequences being   someone   will   have   hurt   pride   and   will   have   to   shout   extra   rounds   at   the   bar.   Perfect   for   large groups   of   friends,   both   girls   and   guys   (guys-don’t   be   hit   by   those   gals!).   No   experience   is   required and   all   the   gear   is   included.   Typical   plans   include   2   and   4   hour   plans   and   prices   start   from   less than   ¥4 ,000   yen.      Hakuba   Heat   (see   below)   is   at   present   the   only   place   to   do   it   and   they   have   a surreal   location   with   a   3   storey   abandoned   hotel   building   where   you   can   hunt   down   your   mates through zones such as the spa zone or the condo zone.  Don’t look back!  
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Hakuba Heat Airgun Battles  Echoland, Hakuba.   http://hakuba-heat.com/ hakubaheat@gmail.com Ph: +81-(0)804-865-0012 Ph: +81-(0)906-895-5741 Open   :10am-10pm   Reservation required-online booking available.  Located at the top end of the main Echoland street, this is THE only place to get some real live battle action. Stage is an old abandoned 3 storey hotel, divided into various zones, such as the dorm zone and the spa zone. All rental gear is included including full scale air machine guns!  	 		  	 Rates  •	2 hour plan: ¥3,700/person including all rental gear   (rifle/mask/gloves/500 bullets). Minimum 2 people.  •	4 hr group plan: Rent the whole building for private use - ¥16,000 yen for up to 8 people, extra people + ¥2,000). Full rental extra ¥2,500/person.