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Getting to Hakuba from Nagoya

In general the quickest method will be to get the bus from Hakuba to Nagano and then a train, but the cheapest is to get the express bus from Matsumoto.

1. Bus to Nagano then bullet train.

2.  Train to Matsumoto then bullet train.

3. Train to Matsumoto then Express bus

Train/Bullet Train Nagoya		 Nagano            3 hrs         Bus Nagano		   Hakuba            1 hr Timetables •	Costs ¥1,800 each way •	Every hour •	No need to book    Timetables Timetables •	Costs ¥7,500 each way •	No need to book •	Every hour    Timetables Train Matsumoto		   Hakuba                11/2 hrs      Bullet train Matsumoto		  Nagoya        2 hrs •	Costs ¥1,140 each way •	Every 1-2 hours •	No need to book •	May have to transfer at Omachi    Timetables Timetables Timetables •	Costs ¥6,230  •	Every hour •	No need to book    Timetables Ltd Express Train Hakuba		Matsumoto           1 & 1/2 hrs   Express bus Nagoya		        Matsumoto       3-3.5 hrs •	Costs ¥1,200 each way •	About every 2 hrs •	No need to book •	May need to change trains at Omachi    Timetables Timetables •	Costs between ¥4,900 & ¥5,700 •	Three times a day •	Booking required    Timetables Timetables

Getting to Hakuba from

other places in Japan

From Narita airport From Haneda airport From Tokyo From Osaka From Kyoto

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