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Medical clinic and hospitals.

The   only   English   spoken   medical   clinic   in   Hakuba   is   Shintani   clinic   (Ph   0261-75-4177)   .   It   is   open   till   6pm   or   so   every day   during   the   season.   On   weekends   it   generally   only   accepts   serious   cases   and   mountain   injuries-   it   won’t   see   if   you have   a   runny   nose.   You   will   need   to   pay   for   it   even   if   you   have   insurance-   you   will   need   to   claim   it   once   you   get   back home.   He   will   charge   a   hefty   fee   just   for   the   medical   report   for   the   insurance   so   be   cashed   up.   They   have   x   rays machines   and   can   see   to   most   injuries.   If   you   have   a   life   threatening   injury   it   is   better   to   get   an   ambulance   (Ph   119)   and get   straight   to   either   the   Omachi   General   hospital   (40   mins   by   car),   the Azumi   Hospital   (1   hr),   or   the   Matsumoto   Hospital (90 mins by car).  Don’t count on getting pain killers from anyone until you get to a hospital.


Hakuba   physio   &   massage    is   an   Australian   run   centre,   so   there   is   no   language   barrier.      They   are   located   next   to   the Hakuba Springs Hotel in Happo. You can book them either via their website or by phone (0261-724117).


There         are         3         main         pharmacies         in         town,         the American   drug            store            (near            Rapie            Mountain            shop),            Oota Chemist            (diagnally            opposite            the            station),            and            the   one         below        A         Coop         supermarket         just         up         from         the station.            You            will            have            fun            miming            your            medical   condition         to         the         staff         if         you         do         not         speak        Japanese!  Asprin,   cold   tablets   and   the   like   you   can   get   from the convenience stores.
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Hakuba medical & pharmacies

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