2017-18 Hakuba ski shuttle bus timetables

The ski resorts are serviced  by : 1. The Hakuba Valley bus service which is free if you have a Hakuba Valley lift pass (you need to swipe your pass on entry to the bus). If you don’t have a Hakuba Valley lift pass then the Hakuba Valley buses are 500 yen each way with the exception of Sanosaka, Kashimayari and Jigatake ski resorts which are free as long as you are going to be using the ski resort.  See the Hakuba Valley bus timetable. 2. In the case of Happo, Iwatake, Tsugaike, Hakuba 47 and Goryu these ski resorts also have their own shuttle bus services which are free even if you don’t have a Hakuba Valley lift pass.  Buses this year start on the 16th December and finish at the end of March but please see each timetable for exact ending dates. Happo Hakuba   Hakuba Goryu Hakuba 47 Iwatake Tsugaike Hakuba Norikura (HV) Cortina (HV) Sanosaka (HV) Kashimayari (HV) Jigatake (HV) The   Genki   Go   bus   runs   from   roughly   the   23rd   December   ,   till   the   end   of   February   each   year.   You purchase   the   ticket   from   the   driver   (300   yen).   Make   sure   you   have   the   correct   money   as   he   cannot   give you change, even from a 1000 yen note. See timetable.  
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