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If you just gotta get a work out….

Until   recently   the   only   place   you   could   get   a   work   out   at   was Alps   Gym,   but   over   the   last year or so, a couple of new places have started.

Hakuba Alps Gym

The   original   gym   in   Hakuba,   with   lots   of   equipment   ,especially   older   style   machines.   It   is also   the   only   place   in   Hakuba   that   is   offers   “Les   Mills”   classes   such   as   body   combat, body pump and body balance (yoga/pilates). 

Hakuba Field Sports Gym

This   new   gym   next   to   the   Hakuba   Highland   Hotel   is   well   equipped   with   the   latest weights   and   cardio   machines.   It   has   the   added   benefit   of   providing   a   200   yen   discount for the hotel onsen.

Hakuba Mountain Cross

A   new   cross   fitness   type   training   gym   with   very   motivated   instructors   giving   you   all   the motivation   you   need.   Classes   are   predominantly   in   English   and   have   a   maximum   of   6 per   group   and   are   run   more   or   less   daily.      Both   cardio   and   weight   training   are   worked   on in the classes.     Komorebi Yoga Vinyasa/Flow   type   yoga   classes   are   taught   a   couple   of   times/week   at   the   Shakespeare hotel in Echoland. Mats are provided. See their facebook for their current schedule.  
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Hakuba Alps Gym Cost				 •	2,000/class 			   •	15,000 for 10 classes	 •	6,000/wk for 2 wks Open •	 Mon to Fri 10.00-22.00   •	Every 2nd Sat 13.30-20.00 Website  Field Sports Gym Cost				 •	1,980/class Open •	Tue to Fri 10.00-22.00  •	Sat & Sun 10.00-19.00 Website Mountaincross Cost				 •	2,000/class •	5,000/week •	12,000/month Open •	Classes most days. Website Komorebi yoga Cost				 •	2,000/class •	15,000/month Open •	Classes most days. Website