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Ski Lift Passes Guide

You   can   either   buy      Hakuba   Valley   lift   pass   in   advance   or   you   can   wait   till   you   arrive   and   buy   a   day   pass   when   you   go   to   the   mountain.   Cost   wise,   there is   very   little   difference   but   most   people   prefer   to   get   the   Hakuba   Valley   lift   pass   as   you   can   put   it   in   your   pocket   and   forget   about   it-   no   need   to   go   and get   a   new   ticket   every   day.   If   you   are   going   to   be   going   to   the   same   resort   every   day   then   it   will   be   cheaper   to   buy   a   multi-day   pass   at   that   resort   on   your first day as opposed to a Vally pass. Children 5 yrs or less do not need a lift pass- they can just jump straight on the lift for free.

Hakuba Valley Lift Pass

No need to wait in a ticket window queue- just jump straight on the lift!* No limit as to how many resorts you go to on the same day Free unlimited use of Hakuba Valley bus system on days you ride. Just put it in your pocket and forget about it. Use at the following resorts: o Happo Ski Resort o Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort o Hakuba 47 Ski Resort o Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort o Tsugaike Ski Resort o Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort o Hakuba Norikura Ski Resort o Kashimayari Ski Resort o Jigatake Valley

Hakuba Valley lift price chart

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Purchase passes online Hakuba Valley lift pass Free delivery to your accommodation* No need to wait in lift ticket queues Pay by paypal or credit card
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