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Ski packages for Hakuba, Japan
HAKUBA SKI TRIP? SkiHakuba.com is your one stop website for everything to do with skiing in Hakuba
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Best Hakuba Ski Holidays

Ski Hakuba. com     is     your     onestop     website     for everything   to   do   with   skiing   or   snowboarding   in Hakuba,   Japan.   Everything   you   need   to   know   and everything you need to book is right here.

About Hakuba

Hakuba   may   have   been   relatively   unknown   until recently   but   it   is   now   the   most   post   popular   ski resort    for    foreigners    on    the    whole    of    the    main island of Honshu; These are the reasons why: 11 metres + every year of snow. There are 9 resorts to choose from. There are more than 150 lifts combined Over 1000 mtrs+ of vertical It has best the backcountry in Asia! Easy access from Tokyo If   you   need   more   convincing   Hakuba   hosted   the Winter   Olympics   in   1998.      Find   out   more   about Hakuba here .

Where is Hakuba?

Hakuba   itself   is   relatively   accessible   from   Tokyo   - 3   or   4   hours   on   a   train   will   see   you   there   or   there are    direct    transfers    from    the    airports.    Find    out more about getting to Hakuba .

About the ski resorts and lift passes

Everyone   is   catered   for   in   Hakuba.   If   you   are   fresh to   the   sport   there   are   plenty   of   beginner   slopes, however,   if   you   want   to   go   hardcore   then   Hakuba is   the   place   -   check   out   our    backcountry   page.    Of course there is plenty in between. If    you    book    a    package    ski    trip,    you    will    get “Hakuba   Valley”   lift   passes   which   enables   you   to go   to   any   of   the   ski   resorts   in   the   Hakuba   area. There   are   also   free   shuttle   buses   that   go   to   all   of the   resorts.   No   need   to   go   to   the   same   resort every day. More about the resorts here.

When is the best time to come?

That    depends    on    your    luck    and    also    what    you demand   out   of   the   snow.   Put   briefly   (and   every year   is   different)   before   the   middle   of   Dec   snow can   be   very   unreliable   ,   but   on   the   other   hand there   are   years   when   there   can   be   metres   of   fresh snow   and   no-one   to   share   it   with.Goryu/47   are   the best   bet   if   you   are   coming   early   on.   From   xmas   till the    end    of    Feb    is    normally    most    reliable    for powder.    March    can    be    warm    and    slushy,    but usually    there    is    still    good    snow    coverage,    the occasional   dump   and   again   little   competition   for the   snow.   In April   the   snow   starts   wearing   thin,   but having   said   that   Goryu/47   and   Happo   manage   to stay open till early May.
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