Hakuba Ski & Snowboard Rentals

You      won’t   have   any   difficulty   in   getting   rental   gear   in   Hakuba.   There   are   so   many   rental   shops   the   bigger   problem   will   be   to   decide   where   to   get   it   from.   It   is better   to   pre   book   your   gear   since   even   though   all   of   the   ski   resorts   do   have   inhouse   rental   shops   they   do   tend   to   be   more   expensive   then   elsewhere   since   a) they   rely   exclusively   on   walk   ins,   and   b)   they   cater   for   Japanese   sizes,   so   your   size   might   not   be   available.      Some   of   the   shops   with   online   booking   also   offer   an online or earlybird booking discount so that makes it a no brainer. Hakuba   is   a   very   spread   out   place,   so   it   is   important   to   make   sure   that   if   you   do   pre-book   rentals   that   the   shop   is   either   near   your   accommodation   or   that   the shop   does   free   pick   ups   and   drop   offs. A   wide   range   of   gear   is   available.   If   you   are   a   beginner   then   it   is   a   waste   of   money   to   rent   the   most   expensive   gear,   but   on the   other   hand   if   you   are   already   shredding   it   then   you   will   benefit   from   having   better   gear.   It   is   better   to   be   realistic   about   your   choice   of   gear-powder   skis/boards are   great   in   deep   powder   but   not   so   great   on   groomers   or   in   the   park.   Contrary   to   common   belief,   Hakuba   does   not   have   deep   snow   every   day   (unless   perhaps you are going backcountry). All mountain or an all purpose set of gear is a better option. Depending   on   how   deeply   you   want   to   get   into   the   sport   it   is   often   worthwhile   to   purchase   items   such   as   gloves,   googles   etc   and   only   rent   the   stuff   that   is   hard   to carry   on   your   flight   like   the   skis   themselves   and   the   boots.   Having   said   that,   it   is   no   point   to   go   off   and   buy   a   cheap   pair   of   goggles   from   K’Mart-   they   just   won’t cut   it   on   the   days   that   you   really   need   them   (the   heavy   snow   day).   Thin   gloves   will   have   you   wishing   you   were   back   in   your   warm   hotel   room   and   not   on   the mountain. The following shops can all be recommended by SkiHakuba.com and all have online booking facilities.

Rhythm Sports Hakuba

This   well   known Australian   base   snowsports   shop   not   only   does   rentals,   but   also   has   an   excellent   retail   section.   Located   in   the   Wadano   region   of   Hakuba,   near the Mominoki hotel.  Their huge shop has a wide range of gear, especially top of the range gear.  

Hakuba Central Snowsports

Another   popular   and   well   known Australian   company   which   has   branched   into   Japan.   Central   Snowsports   has   3   shops   in   Hakuba   in   Happo,   Wadano   and   Goryu, as well as offering free pick ups. They also have a wide range of premium gear.

Spicy Rentals

Japanese owned chain with the most number of shops in the greater Hakuba area including shops at Tsugaike and Iwatake as well as in Hakuba itself.

The Boarding Co.

Locally   owned   by   a   long   term   Aussie   expat,   this   shop   has   an   extensive   range   of   skis   and   snowboards,   particularly   backcountry   gear.   They   do   free   pick   ups   of course and are relatively close to the station.  
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Ninja Ski/Snowboard Rentals  Echoland, Hakuba.   http://skipackagesjapan.com/hakuba-ski-rental.html rentals@skipackagesjapan.com Ph: +81-(0)907-194-5977 Open: 7.30-10.00 am,  16.00-19.00pm Free pick up/drop off   Conveniently located in Echoland, next to the Yamazaki convenience shop (JaJa). This long running shop has very well priced rentals and an ever growing range of skis, boards, wear nd everything else you need to get you on the mountain. Focus on beginner and intermediates but also high performance gear. Large feet no problem.	 	 		  	 Book online  walk in rates 10% off
Rates (after discount) 1 day standard ski/board rental set ¥3,600 1 day high performance rental set ¥4,600 Mutli day works out a lot cheaper, for example a 7 day standard ski/boots/pole set will only be ¥2,400/day. Cheap snow-wear sets also available.